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Migrating a filesystem from Ext4 (or other) to btrfs. NOTE: Convert has been rewritten since btrfs-progs 4.6; and rollback has been reworked in btrfs-progs 4.10.1. See for more info.

How to test

  1. Create an ext2, ext3 or ext4 volume and mount it
  2. Dump some data on it (large and small files)
  3. unmount the volume you intent to convert
  4. dnf install btrfs-progs
  5. Run btrfs-convert on the partition containing the target file system
  6. Mount partition
  7. Verify if files are still a) present and b) sane.
  8. Verify if a backup snapshot, named ext2_saved.

Expected Results

  1. btrfs-progs install successfully
  2. btrfs-convert runs successfully
  3. Data should be present and sane