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Run the Calc command-line calculator in interactive mode.


You'll need a shell.

Install the packages Package-x-generic-16.pngcalc and Package-x-generic-16.pngcalc-stdrc.

How to test

  1. From the command line, run calc -q. (The -q option prevents any startup scripts in your environment from interfering.
  2. Try basic arithmetic (2 + 4, followed by the enter key.)
  3. Use the up arrow to scroll back in the history, and the down arrow to scroll down.
  4. Ctrl-A should jump to the beginning of a line, and Ctrl-E to the end.
  5. Type exit to exit.

Expected Results

  1. Math should work.
  2. Line-editing functions should work.
  3. The command should exit cleanly (echo $? at a Bash shell immediately after exit should yield "0").