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This test case tests whether applying the vendor-provided color profile for a particular monitor in gnome-color-management is successful. You will require the vendor-provided color profile for a monitor connected to your system, which can usually be found in the Windows driver for the monitor. See this blog post for more information.


  1. Ensure the Package-x-generic-16.pnggnome-color-manager package is installed
  2. Remove any previous configuration by deleting the ~/.config/gnome-color-manager and ~/.color directories
  3. Ensure no color calibration hardware is connected

How to test

  1. Run the profile management tool: on the system menus, System / Preferences / Color Profiles
  2. On the Defaults tab, ensure the box Apply display correction is checked
  3. Drag the ICC profile for a connected monitor into the profile management tool window
  4. On the Profiles tab, check whether the newly-imported profile is listed and read the description text
  5. On the Devices tab, select the connected monitor from the list, and choose the newly-imported profile from the Color Profile drop-down menu

Expected Results

  1. The profile should appear in the Profiles tab and the description should be sensible
  2. The profile should be applied when selected
  3. The display should not look obviously incorrect with the profile applied