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As of Fedora 36, empathy is retired, and the only remaining telepathy chat app - Polari - no longer appears to show interactive notifications.


This test case tests different message notifications and work with them while using empathy as an IM client.


  1. Boot into the distribution release and desktop you wish to test
  2. Ensure Empathy is installed by running the command su -c 'yum install empathy'
  3. Run Empathy client by pressing Alt+F2 and typing "empathy"
  4. Add a Jabber account, if you don't have one active yet or are running empathy for the first time. You may use your existing account, if you have one or make a new one, if you don't.
  5. Go to menu "Chat" -> "Add contact.."
  6. For "Account" choose your jabber account.
  7. For "Identifier" input "" (without quotes) - an echo service, which will automatically reply to your every message.
  8. For "Alias" input "echo_service" and confirm the dialog.

How to test

  1. Try message notification:
    • Find "echo_service" contact in empathy contact list and open a conversation window with him. If you don't see it, try to show offline contacts (menu View -> Offline Contacts).
    • Write a random messages to it.
    • Write a message "!delay 10 hello" and send it to echo_service. The echo service should send you back a message after 10 seconds.
    • Close message window.
  2. Try replying from notification area:
    • Follow all previous steps again.
    • When a message notification appears, move the mouse cursor on it.
    • Write a few messages to echo_service from the notification area.

Expected Results

  1. There should be notification of new messages.
  2. It should be possible to write a message from notification.
  3. There should be a history of previous conversation in expanded notification area.