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This tests the gnome-shell integration of applications written using non-gtk toolkits and the ones running with Wine.


  1. Install example applications written using QT4, Swing, WxWidgets and LessTif toolkits plus install Wine. From the root terminal run:

yum install speedcrunch freemind filezilla xpdf wine

Please feel free to try any other programs you know are using the fore-mentioned toolkits instead.

How to test

  1. Go to Activities->Applications and check whether all the installed applications are present in the list. Also see if pre-installed Wine applications are present (That is e.g. Notepad, Wine File, WineMine etc.).
  2. Run all of the above applications and some Wine applications as well. Invoke Activities and see if all the application windows are present in the overview.
  3. Create extra few desktops and try moving some of the windows around them.

Expected Results

  1. All of the installed applications + Windows applications included with Wine should be present in the Activities->Applications.
  2. You should be able to see miniatures of all the opened windows and be able to move them around different desktops correctly.
  3. Visuals of speedcrunch, filezilla and freemind (generally all of QT4, WxWidges and Swing applications) should be adjusted to the current GNOME theme and should look and feel native.