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This test case tests whether the Palimpsest disk management tool can modify, delete and create partitions directly on a disk. It requires a system with a typical (SATA / PATA) hard disk, with some existing partitions and some free space


  1. Ensure the Package-x-generic-16.pnggnome-disk-utility packages is installed
  2. Launch Gnome Disks, with the command gnome-disks or as Disks in the Activities view.

How to test

  1. Select the free space on an existing disk and attempt to create a partition in it, and then mount that partition
  2. Select the partition you just created and attempt to modify it in some way, such as changing its label
  3. Attempt to delete the partition you just created

Expected Results

  1. The tool should be able to create partitions, mount them correctly (verify you can access the created and mounted partition), modify their properties, and delete them