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This test case tests whether the Palimpsest disk management tool can manage multipath storage devices. It requires a system with at least one multipath storage device (a device connected to the host system by more than one path). The tester should also be confident in the manipulation of multipath mappings using the multipath command


  1. Ensure the Package-x-generic-16.pnggnome-disk-utility packages is installed
  2. Launch Gnome Disks, with the command gnome-disks or as Disks in the Activities view.

How to test

  1. Check that the tool displays each path to the device separately
  2. Run the command multipath -F in a terminal to delete all multipath mappings
  3. Check that the tool warns you about a possible multipath misconfiguration
  4. Re-create the multipath mappings using the multipath and note how the tool responds

Expected Results

  1. The tool should display accurate information about all multipath devices: each connection path should be displayed as a separate 'device'
  2. The tool should warn when multipath mappings are destroyed, and immediately pick up when they are re-created, without the need to re-launch the tool