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This test case verifies properly enabling system NSS.

How to test

  1. As root, install nss-sysinit:
    yum install nss-sysinit
  2. The command nss-sysinit has a post install scriplet that invokes /usr/bin/ on. This scripts edits /etc/pki/nssdb/pkcs11.txt as follows:
    • In the stanza with NSS Internal PKCS #11 Module, change the library= section to the following:
    • In the same NSS stanza, update the Flags to include moduleDBOnly. For example:
  3. The nss-sysinit has a preuninstall install scriplet that invokes /usr/bin/ off which undoes these changes.
  4. Next, create sl dsb's from the local dbm database. As root run:
    certutil -K -X -d sql:/etc/pki/nssdb

Expected Results