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Test opening and displaying documents using the Document Viewer (Evince) application.


  1. Make sure that Document Viewer (package evince) is installed.
  2. Download or copy some PDF documents to the testing environment. Very large and complex files make good tests. It's best to use your own documents, so that each tester uses different ones. But if you want some quick examples, you can use e.g. PDF 1.7 specification, PDF with LaTex and PDF form from IRS.

How to test

  1. Open the test documents with the Document Viewer app.
  2. Test scrolling through each document.
  3. Test jumping to specific pages of each document, by clicking on chapter headings in the side bar (if available), and by entering a page number in the header bar.
  4. Test jumping to specific sections by using hyperlinks in the table of contents inside the PDF (if available).
  5. Test zooming the document in and out, fitting to page width or the whole page.
  6. Test searching for a specific text inside the PDF. (Please note that national non-ascii character might often be represented differently than rendered and searching for them might not work).
  7. Test displaying the document in single/dual layout, in continuous/non-continuous layout, rotating pages, presenting a slideshow.
  8. If you have a PDF Form document (allowing to fill out forms and saving the result -- there's one such document in the samples above), fill it out with data and save the result. It's good to try to input national non-ascii characters, if you can. Then display the saved PDF, it should look as expected.
    • You can also compare Document Viewer PDF (Form) rendering with rendering the same PDF in Firefox. That can help you identify potential problems.
  9. Perform some additional Exploratory testing.

Expected Results

  1. The documents should be loaded reasonably quickly and correctly displayed.
  2. All operations should behave as expected.
  3. Please report all failures to the GNOME tracker.