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This test case tests firefox media handling.


  1. Ensure the firefox package is installed

How to test

  1. Run Firefox - you can use the menu system or the run dialog or a console
  2. Visit the HTML5 WebM test page and make sure that the included video can be played
  3. Browse to a page with a Theora format streamable video, such as any of the 'OGG' labelled files here, and attempt to play the video
Check for fallbacks
Many sites will use H.264 if it is available, so check to make sure it's not using H.264: copying the video's location should let you know)

Expected Results

  1. Firefox should correctly play videos in Theora and WebM formats
  2. Audio should play with the video if it is in Ogg Vorbis format (as it should be in most Theora and all WebM videos)