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Please, somebody with BT enabled phone, try whether this test case is correct before the start of the test day. This test is correct; I was able to send and verify files sent to my phone. -dangets


This tests the visuals of applications written using non-gtk toolkits as they run with GNOME 3.


  1. Obtain a bluetooth capable phone, set it visible and connectable.
  2. Click bluetooth applet and select "Setup new device.." menu item.
  3. In wizard click Forward.
  4. Wait until your phone is found, select it in the "found device table" and click Forward.
  5. Enter the PIN shown into your phone device and confirm it.
  6. You should have phone connected now.
NOTE: steps 3-6 can be ommited if phone is already paired

How to test

  1. Click on Bluetooth applet, move mouse over your previously added device and select "Send files.." from submenu.
  2. In File dialog select any file you would like to send and click "Open". [NOTE: some confirmation may be required on phone side].

Expected Results

  1. You should receive the file into your mobile device.