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Test the Dash. This is the bar that runs along the bottom of the screen in the Activities Overview, and contains application launchers.

How to test

  1. In GNOME, open at least two applications (e.g. Files and a Text Editor).
  2. Activate the Overview mode. You can do this by pressing the Super key (Windows key), clicking the Activities button in the top bar, or hitting the very top left corner of the screen with a mouse cursor.
  3. Verify that you can switch between different applications by clicking on app icons in the Dash (the bottom panel). All your currently running applications must be shown in the Dash.
  4. Verify that currently running apps are visually distinguished (e.g. having a white dot) in the Dash from non-running apps. Open and close apps to confirm this feature works correctly.
  5. Launch new applications from the dash by clicking on them.
  6. Right click the app icon in Dash and choose Quit. The application should be closed.
  7. Open several windows of the same application by right clicking an already running app icon in the Dash and choosing New Window (not all applications need to support this, but e.g. Files do).
  8. Right-click on the multi-window application in the Dash and switch between windows by selecting each window's name.
  9. Display the App grid using the 9-dot icon in the Dash, and test that you can scroll in it (if applicable), open and close app folders (if present), and run new applications by clicking on them and/or dragging them onto a workspace preview.
  10. Verify that you can add apps from the app grid to the Dash permanently by right clicking them and choosing Pin to Dash and/or dragging them to the Dash. After closing such app, it must stay present in the Dash (just marked as non running).
    • Try pinning a large number of apps to the Dash. There should be no crashes or errors, and it should make a reasonable effort to make them all visible.
  11. Verify that you can unpin apps from Dash by right clicking and choosing Unpin, by dragging them to the 9-dot icon or dragging them to the open app grid. Unpinned app icons must no longer be visible in the Dash after the app is closed.
    • The Dash should take advantage of the space freed up and adjust size of the remaining apps, if possible.
  12. Verify that you can modify the app order in the Dash by dragging them.
  13. Verify that you can modify the app order in the App grid by dragging them.
  14. Verify that you can create new folders in the app grid by drag&dropping apps onto each other and then giving the folder a name.
  15. Verify that you can remove an app folder by moving all apps out of the folder.
  16. Perform some additional Exploratory testing.

Expected Results

  1. All operations should behave as expected.
  2. Please report all failures to the GNOME tracker.