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Test the dash. This is the bar that runs along the bottom of the screen in the Activities Overview, and contains application launchers.

How to test

  1. Open the Activites Overview by: pressing the Super key (also known as the Windows key), touching the top-left screen corner with the pointer, or clicking Activities in the top bar.
  2. Launch applications from the dash (the bar that's along the bottom of the screen), by clicking on them.
  3. Open the app grid by clicking the grid of nine dots in the dash. Launch applications from the app grid.
  4. Drag application launchers to the dash from the app grid.
  5. Add applications to the dash by using the "Pin to Dash" item from their context menu.
  6. Remove apps from the dash by by dragging them to the "Show Applications" button (nine white dots), or by using the "Unpin" action from their context menu.
  7. Right-click on a running application in the dash and select New Window.
  8. Right-click on the same running application in the Dash and try selecting each window's name.
  9. Drag applications in the dash around (this should re-order them).
  10. Remove all the applications you added from the Dash: right-click on their icons (either in the Applications view, or in the Dash) and select Unpin.

Expected Results

  1. Adding apps to and from the dash should work as expected.
  2. The dash should gracefully handle the addition of a large number of favorites: there should be no crashes or errors, and it should make a reasonable effort to make them all visible.
  3. The dash should gracefully handle the removal of a large number of favorites: there should be no crashes or errors, and it should take advantage of the space freed up.
  4. Launching applications from the Dash by clicking on them should work.
  5. Running applications should have a background highlight in the dash.
  6. Creating a new window for a running application by right-clicking on its dash icon should work.
  7. Right-clicking on a running application's dash icon and clicking on a window's name should activate that window
  8. Reordering dash icons with drag-and-drop should work.