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This tests searching from the GNOME Overview mode.

Localization alert
Please note that many of the steps are dependent on localization and you might need to adjust your actions accordingly if you use a different language than English.

How to test

  1. Activate the Overview and start searching for your installed apps. Even a partial match should display the expected result, e.g. both "firefox" and "fire" should display Firefox as a result. Verify this with several different searches.
    • You shouldn't need to manually focus the search field. Just activating the Overview and starting to type should automatically trigger search.
  2. Make sure Files is running. Then open a different app and make it focused.
  3. Activate the Overview and search for "files". Click on Files in results and you should be switched to its window.
  4. Test searching for your running and non-running apps and confirm that running apps are visually identified (e.g. having a white dot) from non-running apps.
  5. Create a search that lists two or more apps as a result (for example searching for "cal" should show Calculator, Calendar and Libreoffice Calc, if all installed). Hit Enter, the first app in results should be started/switched to.
  6. Repeat the search, but this time use Tab or arrow keys to select a different app (the second or third). Hit Enter, the app you manually selected should be started/switched to.
  7. Verify that searching for a section which exists in the Settings app shows you a result from the Settings app. For example when searching for "displays", you should see a Displays result in a Settings box, and clicking on it should open Settings -> Displays.
  8. Verify that you can search for a non-installed application and it is offered as a result from Software. E.g. searching for "frozen bubble" should show you a result for the Frozen Bubble game in a Software box, and clicking on it should open Software with the Frozen Bubble app page opened.
  9. Verify that you can search for an alternative tag for selected apps. For example, searching for "movie" should display Videos app as a result, and searching for "picture" should show you Photos or Image viewer or both.
    • Note: This might only work in the English localization.
  10. Perform some additional Exploratory testing.

Expected Results

  1. All operations should behave as expected.
  2. Please report all failures to the GNOME tracker.