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As of 2022, this fallback mechanism has not existed for years.


This test case tests fallback from composited GNOME Shell to GNOME Panel and Metacity in GNOME 3.

How to test

  1. Boot to GNOME 3 on a system which is not capable of the compositing necessary for GNOME Shell: a system whose combination of graphics adapter and driver does not support the necessary compositing features, a virtual machine without the necessary acceleration passthrough, and/or a system whose graphics adapter and driver ought to be capable of displaying the Shell, but which is suffering from a bug

Expected Results

  1. Starting GNOME 3 on a system that is not capable of compositing should result in a desktop with GNOME Panel and Metacity instead of GNOME Shell. Aside from visual inspection, confirm that gnome-panel and metacity are running using the command:
    # egrep "(metacity|gnome-panel)" /proc/[0-9]*/cmdline 
    Binary file /proc/6611/cmdline matches
    Binary file /proc/6614/cmdline matches