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This test case ensures that Package-x-generic-16.pngGwenview, the image viewer and organizer for KDE Plasma, functions correctly on Fedora. It includes testing basic image viewing functionalities, navigation, editing tools, and integration with other system components.


Install the latest pre-release version of Fedora on a bare metal system with KDE Plasma as the desktop environment. Ensure Gwenview is installed, which is typically included by default in KDE.

How to test

  1. Start the KDE Plasma desktop and log in.
  2. Launch Gwenview from the application menu or by double-clicking an image file if associated with Gwenview.
  3. Open various image files of different formats (e.g., JPEG, PNG, BMP) to check compatibility and rendering.
  4. Use the navigation features to browse through images in a folder.
  5. Zoom in and out on an image and verify clarity and responsiveness.
  6. Rotate an image and then reset it to its original orientation.
  7. Try using basic editing tools, if available, such as cropping or adjusting color settings.
  8. Explore the slideshow feature to view images in a folder sequentially.
  9. Use the file management capabilities, like moving or copying images to different folders.
  10. Close Gwenview using the window's close button or File -> Quit option.

Expected Results

The following must be true for this to be a successful test run:

  1. Gwenview launches without any errors.
  2. All tested image formats open and are displayed correctly.
  3. Navigation through images and folders is smooth and intuitive.
  4. Zoom and rotate functions work properly with no distortion or crashes.
  5. Editing tools, if used, perform as expected without errors.
  6. Slideshow feature runs smoothly and displays images sequentially.
  7. File management actions like moving or copying are executed correctly.
  8. Gwenview closes properly without system errors or crashes.


Optionally, explore additional features such as tagging images, full-screen mode, and integration with other KDE applications to assess Gwenview's full capabilities and user experience.