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This test verifies the DVD-based install repository by adding additional variation during installation. Testing also includes verifying proper installation of packages included in the repository.


  1. Burn DVD.iso image to an optical disk.

How to test

  1. Insert the optical disk to the optical DVD drive
  2. Boot the installer from DVD.iso or pxeboot images etc.
  3. Direct anaconda to use the package repo from DVD by any of the following means. You can:
    • Provide the device name using the repo= option, for example:
    • Append askmethod as kernel argument, and select Local CD/DVD when prompted.
  4. Proceed with installation

Expected Results

  1. Anaconda uses the package repository from DVD.iso provided.
  2. Install completes successfully
  3. Package errors (install.log) should not occur
  4. System boots successfully