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This test case uses the Fedora Installation Guide as a test. This may help find problems in either the Installation Guide itself, the Fedora installation process, or both.

How to test

  1. Download the Installation Guide for the Fedora release you wish to test. Installation Guides for stable releases can be found here. The in-progress guide for Fedora 11 can be found, at time of writing, here
  2. Attempt to install Fedora, following the instructions from the Installation Guide precisely, step by step, and no outside source of information. If you are testing a not-yet-released version of Fedora, use the latest pre-release, or do a network installation of Rawhide
  3. If you find any problem, error or piece of missing information in the Guide, make a note of it
  4. If you find any bug in the installation process when following the instructions found in the Guide, make a note of it

Expected Results

  1. You should be able to successfully install Fedora using only the information found in the Installation Guide
  2. Any problems you find in the Installation Guide itself, report to Bugzilla, product Fedora Documentation, component Install Guide
  3. Any problems you find in the installation process, report to Bugzilla, product will usually be Fedora and component anaconda (the name of the installer)