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This test case ensures that Package-x-generic-16.pngOkular , the document viewer, operates correctly on a KDE Plasma desktop in Fedora. It includes launching the application, opening various document formats, using basic features like search and zoom, and ensuring proper closure of the application.


Install the latest pre-release version of Fedora on a bare metal system with KDE Plasma as the desktop environment. Ensure Okular is installed, which typically comes pre-installed in KDE.

How to test

  1. Start the KDE Plasma desktop and log in.
  2. Launch Okular from the application menu.
  3. Open a PDF document in Okular. If a PDF is not available, use any supported document format.
  4. Scroll through the document to ensure smooth rendering and navigation.
  5. Use the search function to find a specific word or phrase in the document.
  6. Zoom in and out of the document, verifying clarity and responsiveness.
  7. Annotate the document (if applicable) using tools like highlight, underline, or add notes.
  8. Close the document and then exit Okular using the File -> Exit option.

Expected Results

The following must be true for this to be a successful test run:

  1. Okular launches without any errors or delays.
  2. The document opens correctly, and all pages are rendered properly.
  3. Navigation through pages is smooth and without glitches.
  4. The search function works correctly, finding words or phrases accurately.
  5. Zoom functionality works smoothly, with text and images remaining clear.
  6. Annotation tools function as expected without causing crashes or data loss.
  7. Okular closes properly without system errors or crashes.


Optionally, test other features such as opening multiple documents in tabs, printing documents, and opening non-PDF formats to assess Okular's capabilities and stability under various usage scenarios.