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This test case tests oVirt node administration shell/text user interface.

How to test

  1. Log as admin user.
  2. Select Status
  3. Select Networking
    1. Set/edit the hostname
    2. Set/edit DNS servers
    3. Set/edit NTP servers
  4. Select Security: Set/edit admin password
  5. Select Logging: set remote logging server.
  6. Select Remote storage: TODO

Expected Results

  1. Run without errors
  2. admin user should have ovirt-admin-shell as default shell.
  3. In Status screen your Network interfaces, Logs settings, and running VMs should be displayed and correct.
  4. In Networking screen all modification should be applied to the system, use the usual command to check.
  5. The new password should be applied.
  6. The logging setting should be applied, check your logging server for test node logs.