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Qrencode is a utility software using libqrencode to encode string data in a QR Code and save as a PNG image.


This testcase will use Eye of Gnome to view the generated PNG barcodes. Additionally, to check that the barcode is correct you can either use a smart phone with a QR Decoder app or use the Online ZXing Decode tool.

How to test

  1. In a terminal, run the following commands:
  2. qrencode -l L -v 1 -o helloWorld.png 'Hello, world!'
  3. qrencode -l H -v 1 -o url.png ''
  4. For each of the PNG images execute: eog testimagename.png

Expected Results

  1. The image should load in the image viewer. Next check the image using a smart phone or the online tool referenced above.
  2. The helloWorld.png decode result should be 'Hello, world!'
  3. The url.png decode result should be ''