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Join the current machine to an Active Directory, and prevent automatic installation of packages.


  1. Make sure you have other required software:
    • realmd 0.14.0 or later
  2. Verify that your Active Directory domain access works, or set a domain up.
  3. You need a domain account as an administrator.
  4. Leave realm(s) you are currently joined to.
  5. Remove necessary packages for joining active directory:
    $ sudo yum remove sssd adcli sssd-tools
  6. Tell realmd not to automatically install packages, by placing these lines in your /etc/realmd.conf. If /etc/realmd.conf does not exist (which is the default behavior), you will need to create a new /etc/realmd.conf file.
automatic-install = no

Make sure realmd is restarted:

$ sudo killall realmd

How to test

  1. Discover the domain, which should list the required packages:
    $ realm discover
    Check the required-package lines.
  2. Try to join the domain, which should fail and list packages needed:
    $ realm join --user=Administrator
    The packages needed should be listed, like: sssd, sssd-tools

Expected Results

  1. Now install the packages listed above using a yum command:
    $ sudo yum install sssd adcli sssd-tools samba-common
  2. Perform the join again, this time it should complete without error


Use the --verbose argument to see details of what's being done during a join. Include verbose output in any bug reports.

$ realm join --verbose