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Nova comes with a selection of fairly basic smoke tests which you can run against your installation. It can be useful to use these to sanity check your configuration.


You need these packages

$> sudo yum install python-nose python-paramiko fedpkg python-nova-adminclient

Make sure you have a block of floating IPs created, also as described above.

Also ensure that the nova objectstore service is running, as the S3 API is hit by the image tests:

$> sudo systemctl start openstack-nova-objectstore.service

Creating Certs (needed by euca-bundle-image in the ImageTests )

$> cd ~
$> nova x509-create-cert
$> export EC2_USER_ID=42
$> export EC2_CERT=~/cert.pem
$> export EC2_PRIVATE_KEY=~/pk.pem
$> nova x509-get-root-cert
$> export EUCALYPTUS_CERT=~/cacert.pem 

How to test

Then, run the tests from a fedpkg checkout:

$> git clone git://
$> cd openstack-nova
$> git checkout f17
$> fedpkg prep
$> cd nova-2012.1/smoketests
$> python ./

Expected Results

Ensure all tests pass