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Setup required for the Nova services.


Follow QA:Testcase_install_OpenStack_packages.

How to test

Create a nova-volumes Volume Group for the openstack-nova-volume service

$> sudo truncate -s20G /var/lib/nova/nova-volumes.img
$> sudo vgcreate nova-volumes $(sudo losetup --show -f /var/lib/nova/nova-volumes.img)

If you are testing OpenStack in a virtual machine, you need to configure nova to use qemu without KVM and hardware virtualization:

$> sudo openstack-config-set /etc/nova/nova.conf DEFAULT libvirt_type qemu

Install MySQL and Setup the nova database:

$> sudo openstack-nova-db-setup

Expected Results

Check that no errors are reported.

Note: inconsequential deprecation errors may be reported from openstack-nova-db-setup.