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Tests Vinagre RDP support.


  • Please continue if you have network access to a system running Windows (or a xrdp setup)
  • You should also enable remote desktop access in Windows with the specific user

How to test

  1. Run vinagre (Remote Desktop Viewer)
  2. Go to Remote->Connect
  3. Type your Windows hostname or address
  4. Type in the name of a user in the system
  5. Leave "Fullscreen" toggle unchecked
  6. Set resolution to 800x600
  7. Hit connect to continue, provide a user password if requested and accept a certificate if asked for
  8. Disconnect, and try again with different resolution and then again also with "Fullscreen" on

Expected Results

  1. While connecting, if you've been asked for and accepted a certificate the first time, you are not asked again on subsequent connection attempts.
  2. Connection is successful and you can see and manipulate the Windows desktop with any given resolution and also in fullscreen.