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This test case tests whether theming is consistent across supported toolkits in Fedora Workstation.

How to test

  1. Clean boot the Fedora Workstation image or installation you wish to test
  2. Install applications based on all the supported toolkits listed in the Workstation/Technical_Specification#Appearance - for example, gedit for GTK+ 3, xchat-gnome for GTK+ 2, and liveusb-creator for Qt. Note that applications may change or update their toolkit from time to time, so be sure to double-check you are really checking all toolkits. You can see which available applications require certain toolkits by executing commands like these:
    repoquery -q --whatrequires gtk2
    repoquery -q --whatrequires gtk3
    repoquery -q --whatrequires qt

    Some applications have different frontends, e.g. transmission-gtk and transmission-qt, so you can easily compare their appearance.

  3. Run all the applications (together, ideally, as it makes it easy to compare their appearance)
  4. Check the appearance of toolkit elements like font styling, button size and appearance, scrollbar appearance and so on in each application

Expected Results

  1. The applications should all look reasonably similar in all elements of toolkit theming - perfection is unlikely, so use your judgement