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This test needs to describe the testing in human terms, and link to scripts as examples.


A test that ensures that a package can be upgraded between all the supported Fedora releases.


The test environment consists of any machine with AutoQA installed.

How to test

  1. Run command:
    autoqa post-bodhi-update --title title --test upgradepath --local --target-tag KOJITAG NVR [NVR...]

    and substitute KOJITAG for the target Koji tag requested by this update and NVR for the package NVR. For example:

    autoqa post-bodhi-update --title title --test upgradepath --local --target-tag dist-f13-updates GMT-4.5.5-2.fc13 gajim-0.14.1-2.fc13

Expected Results

  1. The command reports RESULT: PASSED in its output for every NVR tested.