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  • robatino - Installation test improvement - Some install tests are subsets of others - for example, if I do a default graphical install from the DVD, then I can do BootMethodsDvd, PackageSetsDefaultPackageInstall, Anaconda autopart install, and Anaconda User Interface Graphical simultaneously. If using a virtual guest, I can also throw in Anaconda partitioning uninitialized disks. Some way of grouping results to demonstrate this relationship could help testers.
    • Some new tests could be thrown in that could be subsets of existing tests so they wouldn't make the testing take any longer. For example, when entering either the root or firstboot password, a weak password could be tried first, to make sure the warning is generated, then a strong one. The time-consuming part of these tests is waiting for a large number of packages to be installed.
    • Testcase Mediakit Repoclosure and Testcase Mediakit FileConflicts should be done together since the mount part of the instructions is exactly the same.
    • Some tests such as Testcase Anaconda rescue mode and the save traceback tests are very quick since they don't involve actually installing. The rescue mode test requires an existing install, the others don't.
  • jlaska 14:45, 4 May 2010 (UTC) - Great feedback! I've moved your comments into Fedora_13_QA_Retrospective#Wishlist