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Why kickstart with @base? Why couldn't you just do %packages --nobase ? That would allow kickstart to more closely match what one would do via the gui.

  • User:jlaska: Good question ... there's a different experience when deselecting all package groups but Base, and deselecting all package groups. Historically, we've gone with @base so that the installed system had a sufficient set of tools available for boot strapping the next test. Will that be the case with "%packages --nobase" ?
  • User:jkeating: Probably not. There is rpm, but no yum. However I don't really think we should compromise the test due to making it easier for the next test. One thing that this really matters is when doing this test on split media. It means a difference of 1 or 2 CDs vs 1,2,4+ CDs. Each case is interesting, and we want to make sure that each case is done the same way.