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Fedora Events: RMLL 2018 - Strasbourg, France

When and Where

  • 7th to 12 July 2015
  • L'Université de Strasbourg



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Around 60 visitors came to us to ask information or to discuss about Fedora. My conference about contributions of Fedora Workstation to Free Software (in French) was followed by 16 persons and was very appreciated by them. This conference was recorded, so it would be available somewhere in Internet soon.

All Fedora users are happy to use Fedora, but some critics raised about "dnfdragora" which is not reliable enough and too slow apparently. Or some specific issues like a unavailable software "ancestris" from official repositories or the difficulties to support smart cards for common transport tickets of Strasbourg (they provided PPA repositories apparently without guide for Fedora). As usual, the lack of long term support is an issue for a lot of visitors. But for all of them, having almost all software in the latest version is the main advantage.

Especially, a visually impaired woman explained to us that Fedora was very used by blind / visually impaired people because Fedora provides all required free software in the latest version. But she is using a Debian based distribution built by Hypra company which uses proprietary software for recognition / synthesis speech.

Goodies shipped:

  • 1 T-shirt (only one left)
  • 70 stickers Fedora + Workstation + Server + Cloud + Fedora in hexagon
  • 20 pins
  • 10 stickers for laptop
  • 5 installation guides (in English)
  • 10 Fedora loves Python flyers
  • 1 pen (our latest)

More details (in French) here: