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Free Me Too

Free Me Too is the second edition of Free Me, a Live DVD with open licensed content including videos, pictures and books in combination with free and open source software in Fedora. It is intended to promote the concepts of Free culture, Free software and the shared spirits and principles behind these efforts. It is based on the work done by JonathanRoberts in We intend to bundle the following content:

  • Fedora Live DVD


All content licenses should allow free redistribution, mixing and sharing with preferably no commercial use restrictions


All content should be under open formats - Ogg formats are preferred. If you suggest any links, please try to provide links to content under open formats. If this is not possible, we will convert into open formats for inclusion.


Note: No need to add software that is already part of the desktop live cd.

  • openclipart package
  • blender
  • gimp
  • inkscape
  • kino




Browser Bookmarks

Free Culture

  • A Swarm Of Angels
  • Amie Street
  • Barcelona Visió
  • Creative Commons
  • Defective By Design
  • Eben Moglen
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Fading Ways Music
  • Free Culture (Student Movement)
  • Free Software Foundation
  • Freedom Defined
  • GNU Philosophy
  • Ibiblio
  • Lawrence Lessig
  • MIT Open Courseware
  • Open Rights Group
  • Open Source Cinema
  • Openstudio
  • The Internet Archive
  • Wikipedia


  • Jamendo
  • ccMixter
  • Magnatune
  • SectionZ
  • Freesound
  • Diesel-U-Music
  • Fading Ways
  • Amie Street
  • opsound
  • Dogmazic
  • Jamglue


  • Prelinger Archive
  • Open Source Films
  • CandyJar


  • Open Clipart
  • Flickr Creative Commons Pool
  • Yotophoto
  • Openphoto
  • Morguefile


  • Creative Commons Books
  • Project Gutenberg Public Domain Books
  • Internet Archive Book Collection
  • Wikmedia (includes Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Wikiquote and Wikisource!)
  • LibriVox - Audio Books


  • Distrowatch
  • Free Software Directory
  • The OpenCD


  • Open Educational Resources
  • MIT Open Course Ware



Feel free to add your suggestions for any type of open content with good reasons on why it should be included. Direct links in open codec formats would be preferred.

  • Maybe some of the books from Lawrence Lessig could be included since they are released under a Creative Commons license. - BrianPepple
  • - Big Buck Bunny - the successor of Elephants Dream Not out yet but might make it intime for inclusion :)
  • Music:
  • - a nice selection of music -- Seems Inaccessible - RahulSundaram
  • Hmm, I might have copies at home that I can upload somewhere - but I'm not home for another 3 weeks :(
  • - also very cool
  • A lot of the original inspiration and content came from - definitely worth checking out!
  • For browser bookmarks see the blogroll on - some good ones there :)
  • Rahul, I said I'd find the pdf of disc art for free me, so i've attached it here:

File:RahulSundaram FreeMeToo freeme.pdf