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This page boils down to a set of instructions for existing contributors on how to deal with potential new contributors. If you're not a contributor yet and wants to join, you should check for information in here.

This is a Marketing SOP that describes how to recruit potential collaborators and help him or her in the Getting Started process. This SOP aims to guide the ambassador or any experienced collaborator in the activity of recruiting new people to collaborate in Fedora Project.

The problem

A lot of new contributors get confused about the infrastructure of Fedora, teams membership process and so on. Some times they aren't able to contact a ambassador or team expert and therefore can't handle properly the tasks they are supposed to do, or even represent properly Fedora Project. There's also the situation on which the ambassador does not know how to make use of his skills, or when the wiki isn't clear enough.


Let them see why they should join

There are many reasons why Fedora Project would be a great experience to any contributor. To emphasize the proper one, you have to know the potential contributor, mainly his interests. For example, if he likes to make new friends, show him the chance to socialize with other contributors.

Even though some time should be given to read the Fedora Project Wiki, it's still important to keep in touch with the potential contributor, in order to not let him lose interest. Offering the chance to watch IRC Meetings or talk to Fedoras is a good example of how to make the person start to make part of the Fedora family.

Do not make the process seem complicated

It's true there is a bureaucracy in order to join teams in Fedora and some processes are relatively long. However, you must explain it in the simplest way possible. Finding the right words and the proper approach to make it clear to the potential contributor may make the difference between someone interested in contributing or bored at so many barries for the chance of contributing.

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