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Ongoing pad to track prioritization for Atomic product upstream. Monthly meetings held with stakeholders.

Fedora priorities:

Invitees: Colin Walters, Mike McGrath, Jack Rieden


  • Need to talk to MTrmc about involving Fedora in Notary conversations
  • Should we move to 2 week ostree updates in the future (for atomic redesign) and possibly sooner?
    • Colin will initiate a thread about this
  • Need to make sure that Atomic and Docker workflows going forward reflect QA automation (including tools selection) for the release process and ideally for the development process


  • QE coverage for Atomic - how do we get to a good state for release automation
    • Make it as easy as possible for autocloud to accept tests
    • Taskotron or Jenkins would allow us to do cluster testing
    • Talk to Dan or Lokesh about testing docker in Atomic
  • New priority: Cluster testing (Amanda will discuss with Tim for Taskotron)
    • internal teams have lots of tests for this written for Jenkins
  • Colin will give feedback to Adam on the contributing upstream doc
  • How do we make it easier to make changes to Anaconda for Atomic?