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Release Engineering Meeting :: Monday 2007-12-04

IRC Transcript

-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Release Engineering Meeting13:00
warrengrrr, my clock is fast13:01
* warren kicks kernel13:01
f13jeremy: notting: warren: jwb: wwoods: spot: lmacken: poelcat: rdieter: ping13:01
* jeremy is here13:01
* lmacken is here13:01
* notting is here13:01
* warren meh13:01
* wwoods SMASH13:01
wwoodsI mean, hi13:02
warrenwwoods, are you green?13:03
f13ok, there is again nothing on the agenda.13:03
f13however, we (or I) owe FESCo a couple of write up proposals.  One is to make use of mdomsch's full rebuild tests to identify MIA maintainers and orphan their packages.13:04
f13combine that with a better written orphan -> blocked policy we can start to do some better "garbage collection"13:04
f13In the same vein we need to have a write up for doing more frequent conflicts testing with more bug filing and testing for MIA maintainers.13:05
* poelcat here13:06
wwoodswarren: totally. I'm carbon-neutral Hulk.13:06
f13so if any of you want to take initiative and help out with the write up proposals I'd love it.13:07
f13we have agreement in principle with FESCo we just have to have a written proposal with some dates and actions thrown in for clarification.13:07
f13moving along; I'm >.< close to having a 1.2 release of pungi.  This fixes up quite a bit of stuff, and some lingering design issues. for reference.13:09
f13With that release, pungi should be "done" for the F9 cycle, aside from any bugfixes and such over time.13:10
f13this should free me up to concentrate on the signing server as well as other releng tasks.13:10
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Release Engineering - 9 Alpha13:11
f13So looking at the 9 alpha milestone, there are only 3 current tickets.13:12
f13I should probably add more, but the upcoming one is the names for F913:12
wwoodsare we doing early-cycle names then?13:12
wwoodsit'd be kinda cool to announce the name at FUDCon. heh.13:12
poelcatf13: i still haven't gotten response re: gcc4.3 feature page... when would this become critical?13:12
f13poelcat: the rebuilds /should/ be done by beta freeze13:13
warrenFedora 9 Whiny Walrus13:13
wwoodsassuming, of course, that we've actually decided to do early-cycle names13:13
wwoodsFedora 9 Imperious Ibix13:13
f13we need to send out a call for names basically Jan 113:13
f13wwoods: I think we have.13:14
wwoodswhy are we waiting a month to start gathering names?13:14
* poelcat notes the title of the page is wrong13:14
f13wwoods: we threw a dart and picked a date?13:15
poelcatf13: i got the date from the tickets and talking to jwb13:15
f13poelcat: right, the "dart" was basically jwb and I chatting and him filing the ticket.13:16
f13wwoods: if the marketing folks come back and say that's too late, we'll adjust it.13:16
f13consider this release the trial for early naming.13:16
f13the only other things I can think of for Alpha is just doing the compose(s) and getting them on the mirror system.13:17
f13I was just thinking of doing the Fedora choose your own adventure spin (with split media), the Fedora and KDE live iamges.13:17
jeremythat's probably a sane set13:18
f13the non-blocking freeze will be the monday after FUDCon which will be... interesting13:19
warrenis the fudcon date locked in?13:20
jeremywarren: yes13:20
f13according to gregdek yes.  He said to book travel.13:20
f13oh and just in case anybody missed the memo, we (releng) won't be doing the PPC spins.13:21
EvilBobf13: +113:22
* jwb is here now13:22
* EvilBob knew that would wake jwb up13:22
jwbsorry, had a real-life meeting13:22
* jwb scrolls back13:22
warrenhuh.  greg isn't on planet fedora anymore?13:22
EvilBobwarren: Got pushed off the bottom of the page already13:23
f13he scrolled off13:23
jwbf13, i'll be chatting with you about the ppc spins later13:23
f13jwb: cool13:24
* f13 has to plug mightor back in for dwmw2 to get access to it13:24
jwbwhat is mightor?13:24
f13mightor is the quad g513:24
jwbis that accessible from bastion?13:24
f13I thought it was going to dwmw2, but instead it's going to stay here.  Stupid paperwork and expensive hardware going out of country and bandwidth and...13:24
f13jwb: no, but I'mhoping that in January when the colo supposedly gets more power and we turn on the blade center, we can have a ppc blade for releng use.13:25
f13and that /will/ be accessable by bastion, and go a long way toward our goal of composes happening on phx rather than in my cube.13:25
jwbf13, hm ok.  let me know when the blade center comes online13:25
f13will do13:25
warrenhow long has it been since we purchased that?13:25
jwba p6 blade would be nice13:25
f13warren: over a year.  It was purchased for something different and coudln't be deployed due to power in a different location13:26
f13(purchased by my team that is)13:26
f13anywho, that's what I've got for this week.13:27
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Release Engineering - Open Floor13:27
f13anybody else?13:27
poelcatis there a central location for releng SOPs?13:27
jwbi thought f13 started a page in the wiki13:28
poelcati got to thinking the other day... what we would do if f13 went on vacation for a month :)13:28
nottingwe'd all go on vacation?13:28
warrenReplace f13 with a perl script?13:28
f13and yes, I need to grow the list.13:29
jwbsigning server?13:32
jwblmacken was going to start looking at that too, yes?13:33
lmackenyes, I hacked together a TG-based client/server for it13:33
lmackenI'm hoping to throw some code at it this week13:33
f13<f13> moving along; I'm >.< close to having a 1.2 release of pungi.  This fixes up quite a bit of stuff, and some lingering design issues. for reference.13:33
f13<f13> With that release, pungi should be "done" for the F9 cycle, aside from any bugfixes and such over time.13:33
f13<f13> this should free me up to concentrate on the signing server as well as other releng tasks.13:33
f13I need to make a hosted page or at least put up a hosted git repo of it.13:34
f13perhaps I'll get to that this week.13:34
jwbf13, do you have the .ks files for the spins somewhere?13:35
lmackenthey're in the livecd git repo13:35
f13jwb: they're in pungi hg, and also the fedora-release13:35
f13and for live images they're in livecd13:35
lmackenoh, those13:35
jwbf13, the old ppc ones too?13:35
f13jwb: they aren't arch specific (:13:35
f13I tried very hard for that.13:36
f13and recently made it work even with split media (which didn't in the past)13:36
f13I also just threw a snapshot build of it over at the ia64 folks tomake sure I didn't break something.13:37
f13there is only one last known ticket to me for pungi this release, and that's potentially doing something with translated release notes.  But it sounds like anaconda is about to drop the ability to read release notes during theinstall, which would mean code deletion for me.13:38
f13Is there anything else anybody would like to discuss?13:39
f13Ok, thanks all.13:42

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