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Fedora Release Engineering Meeting :: Monday 2007-10-15


  • General discussion--see IRC log

IRC Transcript

Idea.png f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Release Engineering Meeting13:00
* jeremy is here, although on a laptop testing spree13:00
f13spot: rdieter: jwb: poelcat: wwoods: ping13:01
* rdieter here13:01
* spot is here13:01
* poelcat here13:02
f13ok, well I don't have anything on the official agenda.13:03
f13It's still business as usual and moving forward to F8 release.  I need to inform legal of our name choice, but that's the only "pending" item I have.13:03
f13I'm writing up a draft for the proposed changes to the development cycle for F913:03
f13(going toward Beta/RC/Final, with a non-blocking alpha snapshot thrown in)13:04
jeremysounds groovy13:04
f13I also put my needbuild generation list into a continuous loop, with a 30 minute delay each loop, so the list should be pretty up to date.13:05
f13we don't want to block this release for them, but next release I'm going to start filing bugs for the things not built and attaching them to a tracker.13:05
f13does anybody else have anything for this meeting?13:07
warrenf13, why doesn't rel-eng rebuild anymore?13:07
warrenlike in the past13:07
jeremywe should probably be keeping a close eye on incoming rawhide bugs13:07
jeremy(someone should at least)13:07
warrenjeremy, is there an easy way to subscribe to the rawhide firehose?13:07
f13warren: we did when it was critical, like say the ppc selinux stuff.13:07
f13warren: the problem with releng doing it is that we don't take into account any outstanding bugs, any upstream changes, any needed spec changes, anything like that.13:08
f13warren: it's just purely an automated bump and build.  It's a lot better of maintainers actually do this and take all those above things into account.13:08
rdieterfyi, still working on kde-3.5.8 builds, should finish that up today (esp now that f13 reminded me about using 'chain-build')13:09
f13ah ok.  jeremy probably wanted to know that too (:13:11
jeremyindeed.  I'll hold off on kde live cd until tomorrow then13:11
rdieterjeremy: I'll make sure to let you know when everything is good to go.13:11
jeremyrdieter: thanks13:11
f13anything else?13:12
f13Ok, meeting closed.  Thanks folks.13:13

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