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Fedora Release Engineering Meeting :: Monday 2008-12-08

Meeting Summary

  • Fedora 11 schedule approved last week by FESCo
  • Need to create trac tickets for each Fedora 11 milestone
  • Resigning Fedora 8 and Fedora 9 packages as a result of intrusion
    • Focusing on Fedora 9
    • f13 will bring question to the board about skipping Fedora 8 since it goes EOL in less than a month
  • Growing the release engineering team
    • Consider different meeting times to accommodate other timezones
    • Use FUDCon to explain overall processes
    • Help new people get started with basic tickets
  • dgilmore to meet with f13 and lmacken to talk about how updates for secondary arch will go out

IRC Transcript

f13 ping: notting jeremy lmacken rdieter wwoods poelcat warren spot 10:05
* poelcat here 10:05
* notting is here 10:05
* warren wishes xchat could send blank emotes. 10:06
rdieter <blank> 10:06
* lmacken 10:06
jeremy hi 10:07
f13 full enough boat. 10:07
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Release Engineering - F11 Schedule 10:08
f13 poelcat: this got approved right? 10:08
poelcat f13: correct! 10:11
f13 wewt. 10:11
poelcat i removed all the "draft" wording too 10:11
f13 Time to create all the releng milestones and tickets for releases 10:11
f13 what was the date of the meeting that approved the schedule? 10:12
wwoods probably this past wednesday, so Dec. 3? 10:14
f13 alright, that milestone was cleared off 10:15
f13 oh woops, I closed the wrong milestone 10:15
f13 no, trac is just dumb 10:15
f13 I think F9 is done too, I seem to recall somebody made the change for the F9 spins torrents 10:16
f13 so now we have no milestones. We'll need to create the Fedora 11 milestones Alpha, Beta, Snap 1,2,3, Preview, Final 10:17
f13 then file tickets in those milestones accordingly 10:17
f13 I really think I should figure out a cli app to do this 'cause doing it all through the webui kind of blows 10:18
warren who in FI knows trac the best? 10:18
f13 jcollie probably 10:19
f13 there is an xmlrpc interface, or I could just use the cli on hosted1 to do it 10:20
f13 sounds like a fun little project 10:20
f13 well that was fun, my laptop just locked up 10:23
dgilmore f13: trac kinda blows 10:24
warren does anything not blow? 10:24
f13 right 10:24
f13 all options suck 10:24
f13 one option I tried got us somethign usable rather quickly, and nobody came up with anything better 10:24
f13 anywho... 10:25
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Release Engineering - F8/9 resign 10:25
f13 now that 10 is out, I can work on the F8/9 resigning again. 10:25
f13 Last time I tried to compose I think there were a couple unsigned (due to corruption) packages. I need to verify those were fixed, and re-mash things 10:26
dgilmore f13: F-8 has a month left. maybe we should just leave it 10:26
f13 that likely won't sit well with people 10:26
dgilmore ok 10:26
notting ... which people? 10:26
notting (they don't seem to be up in arms that it's taken this long) 10:26
f13 well, we've made multiple promises to replace the content 10:27
f13 but *shrug* maybe we could just let F8 slide 10:27
f13 I guess that'd have to go through Fedora board? 10:29
notting probably, yeah. 10:29
f13 ok, I'll bring it up there I suppose 10:30
f13 what does the rest of releng want to do? 10:30
* jeremy is fine with letting f8 slide 10:30
f13 should we replace content for F8 or just let it fade away? 10:30
notting i can see both sides. does seem to be a lot of data to push for something that's EOL in a month 10:31
f13 nod 10:31
warren I'm leaning towards letting F8 slide 10:33
poelcat +1 let F8 go 10:34
rdieter +1 slip-n-slide 10:34
wwoods +1 10:34
f13 ok, I'll bring it to the board. 10:34
warren let's get the board's opinion first 10:35
wwoods if anyone had ever actually asked about it I might say differently 10:35
poelcat or is that a fesco issue? 10:35
warren I think it is PROPER to do it, but it might not be NECESSARY. 10:35
warren poelcat: board imho 10:35
f13 wwoods: I get pinged every now and again from either tibbs or somebody 10:36
f13 but it's just the same person I think 10:36
f13 anyway I'll focus on getting the 9 content in shape 10:38
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Release Engineering - open floor 10:38
f13 I don't have any other pressing topics for today, floor is open 10:38
* warren falls through. 10:39
* jeremy has nothing 10:39
f13 ok, we'll wrap early then. woo! 10:40
* poelcat had one idea for fudcon 10:40
f13 oh 10:40
f13 actually 10:40
poelcat what about a "release engineering for dummies" session 10:40
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Release Engineering - Growing our team 10:40
f13 We talked a bit about this last week, the need to grow our team 10:41
poelcat with a tie in to the regular tickets that get filed, etc. 10:41
poelcat IOW how to handle them, etc. 10:41
f13 I realized over the weekend that one easy place to start throwing bodies at is ticket management 10:41
f13 poelcat: get out of my head. 10:41
dgilmore f13: at some point soon, i need to sit down with probably you and lmacken to go over how we can get secondary arch updates out 10:41
poelcat f13: lol 10:41
warren Do team members need to attend the meetings? There is one participant on the opposite side of the planet who would be good for handling tickets but could never attend this meeting slot. 10:41
f13 meeting times can be adjusted if interested parties want to join the team 10:42
f13 mostly we'd be talking about buildroot overrides to start with, not necessarily freeze tags 10:42
f13 or other tickets to look at tagging issues 10:43
warren The only time that might work for Asia, Europe and America together is like 9AM eastern, which would be most uncomfortable for pacific... 10:43
f13 we can rotate the meetings too 10:45
f13 we don't have to have a fixed time 10:45
f13 poelcat: anyway, I like that idea, and we might be able to get some people interested in it even before then. 10:47

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