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Fedora Release Engineering Meeting :: Monday 2008-12-15


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f13 ping: notting jeremy lmacken rdieter wwoods warren spot_ poelcat 10:06
rdieter yo (but will need to go awol ~20 minutes) 10:07
* wwoods 10:07
* notting is here 10:09
* lmacken here for a minute 10:10
f13 low attendance today, but that's ok, not much to talk about. 10:12
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: fedora releng - compose process 10:12
f13 last week, notting skvidal and I had a call to walk through the current compose processes for both rawhide and bodhi 10:12
f13 we were keeping an eye out for areas that we could improve the speed given today's software features 10:12
f13 We identified a number of things to look at and each of us took away a few action items. 10:13
f13 We plan to meet again soon and discuss our work and see if we're ready to implement anything. 10:13
lmacken sounds like a good fudcon hackfest 10:14
f13 well, we will probably have stuff doen before then 10:14
lmacken even better 10:14
f13 for fudcon, I'm a bit more interested in finding places to insert any kind of QA 10:14
lmacken let me know how I can help, although I may not have many free cycles before FUDCon 10:14
* poelcat here 10:15
f13 nod 10:16
f13 any further thoughts on this subject? 10:16
f13 alright movin gon. 10:18
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora releng - Ticket management 10:18
f13 so for fun last week I started writing a toolset that will allow us to manage trac tickets (and milestones) via a python library to interact with the xmlrpc interface 10:19
f13 I also wrote a simple command line tool that uses the python api 10:19
f13 It's pretty raw right now, but it supports listing tickets by query, listing milestones, getting information about a specific ticket, getting information about a specific milestone, filing a new ticket, creating a new milestone, and updating (including closing) an existing ticket. 10:20
f13 Mostly I wanted an easy way to create all the F11 milestones and tickets within the milestones. I'm probably not going to use the script itself, but rather the python api directly so that I can make better use of multicall (send everything at once to the xmlrpc server, rather than loop over each call) 10:21
f13 One cool thing we can do with this is perhaps integrate it with the Makefile.common so that one could do 'make tag-request' in order to file a tag request with rel-eng 10:22
rdieter neat 10:23
f13 this is I think a suitable replacement for the ability to email the trac queue, especially because it'll require authentication and we'll have a valid email address that will get into the ticket. 10:23
f13 The script and API need a lot of work to shore up error catching, and to prevent you from doing silly things it allows like setting a resolution without closing, setting it to a component that doesn't exist, setting it to a milestone that doesn't exist, etc... 10:24
f13 but it's working for now, and I think that'll be a good fudcon hackfest item 10:24
f13 any further thoughts on offtrac ? ( ) 10:25
f13 alright 10:26
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Release Engineering - open floor 10:26
f13 I got nothing else for this meeting 10:26
wwoods only to say: we should see about getting (co-)maintainers for offtrac / python-bugzilla 10:26
wwoods because there are large, well-defined chunks of the year where we're not really at liberty to spend a lot of cycles pushing out bugfixes to packages 10:27
wwoods no matter how urgently people need 'em 10:27
f13 I haven't yet packaged offtrac for Fedora, mostly because I'm not sure where to make the split or if to make a split 10:28
f13 but yeah, I'd welcome anybody wanting to help out with it 10:28
rdieter I can try to help out, flexing some packager-fu (soonish) 10:29
f13 heh 10:30
wwoods (props to jds2001 / abadger1999 for assisting with python-bugzilla in the past) 10:30
f13 I'm still battling a bad cold so I'm going to be off/on today. GOing to try to get an updates push out, read email and such, but may be non-responsive for a bit. 10:30
mitr Has anybody looked at the 0.90 signing server release? Is it something you'd want to deploy? 10:31
f13 mitr: sadly I haven't had time to look at it. I do want to though. 10:31
f13 if anybody else wants to give it a look, please please do! 10:32
jwb mitr, do you have a VCS repo for it? 10:33
mitr jwb: Not currently. 10:33
jwb can you get one set up on fedorahosted? 10:33
mitr Does it make sense to take over fedorahosted/sigul ? 10:34
jwb probably? 10:34
jwb f13? 10:34
f13 sure 10:36
f13 mitr: you're sponsored now 10:39
mitr f13: Thanks 10:39
f13 alright anything else? 10:39
f13 ok, thanks all! 10:41

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