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Fedora Release Engineering Meeting :: Monday 2008-10-06

Ticket Review

Fedora 10 Snapshot 1

  • Coming this week
  • Concerns about stability of anaconda

IRC Transcript

f13 ping: notting lmacken spot rdieter poelcat wwoods 10:02
f13 jeremy said that he would be skipping today's meeting. 10:02
* spot is here 10:02
* warren here 10:03
* poelcat here 10:04
f13 ah, warren, that's who I forgot to ping 10:04
f13 I knew I was missing a name. 10:04
* notting is here 10:04
warren f13: I'll take the subtle hint. =) 10:04
* lmacken here 10:05
f13 warren: nah, it's a Monday morning thing here. 10:06
f13 alrighty. 10:06
* wwoods here 10:06
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora releng - Tickets 10:06
f13 bah, picked the wrong time to update my laptop. 10:06
* wwoods sick but doin' his best 10:06
f13 .rel 24 10:06
zodbot f13: An error has occurred and has been logged. Please contact this bot's administrator for more information. 10:07
f13 oh cute. 10:07
f13 .rel 24 10:07
zodbot f13: #24 (spins for Fedora 9) - Fedora Release Engineering - Trac - 10:07
dwmw2 is have fesco meeting? 10:07
f13 dwmw2: see /topic 10:07
dwmw2 oh, it's monday 10:07
* dwmw2 goes in search of caffeine 10:07
f13 this is an old ticket, the F9 spins. They've been up in "beta" for a while. 10:07
f13 I"ve asked for the spin owners to provide some feedback as to if we should move them out of beta (in label only). 10:08
f13 mostly I'd just like to get this ticket off our plate 10:08
f13 only rahul has commented so far on the xfce spin 10:08
* nirik notes the Xfce spin has worked fine here. 10:09
f13 nirik: the F9 one? 10:09
nirik yes. I have it on a usb key here... have used it a fair bit. 10:10
f13 k. 10:10
f13 I'll try to poke a few other spin ownes, and twiddle some bits in the torrent ini file. Hopefully changing the name won't interrupt any existing torrents. 10:10
f13 it'll be good to close this one off. 10:10
f13 .rel 25 10:11
zodbot f13: #25 (Add a timestamp to the rawhide info) - Fedora Release Engineering - Trac - 10:11
f13 this one I forgot about, just need to stash a UTC timestamp somewhere that shows when the compose started. 10:12
f13 nothing really exciting here. 10:12
f13 .rel 106 10:13
zodbot f13: #106 (F9 Postmortem follow-up) - Fedora Release Engineering - Trac - 10:13
f13 this ticket has some thoughts and improvement suggestions based on the F9 release. I haven't looked back at this ticket in a while, to see where we are. 10:13
f13 my gut feeling is that we haven't done much here. 10:14
f13 I need to update the ticket with what we have done though. 10:14
f13 .rel 764 10:14
zodbot f13: #764 (infrastructure for creating desktop live cds daily) - Fedora Release Engineering - Trac - 10:14
f13 This is a fun one! 10:14
f13 I've had a few conversations with a few people regarding attempting livecd composes on a daily basis, like we do the traditional install tree 10:15
f13 but given the size of these things, and the way that they don't work well with rsync, et al, the thought now is to attempt the compose, log the output, and the size if successful, and make said output available, just not the iso itself. 10:15
f13 once we've accomplished that, we can start doing even more fun things, like generating the package list, doing a diff against the previous day for size, and maybe against the previous milestone 10:16
f13 the idea here is that we'll be less surprised when things don't fit, and catch things earlier. 10:16
f13 We have a compose host at our disposal, so I'm going to start working on some scripting for this, based on some stuff kanarip has for revisor 10:17
f13 any thoughts on this ticket? 10:17
poelcat is there anyway others can help monitor sucess/failure of daily run? 10:17
lmacken This could nicely tie into the spins.fp.o 10:18
poelcat so it doesn't all depend on f13 :) 10:18
f13 poelcat: the idea is that the success/failure of the daily trials are published just as the rawhide report is 10:18
poelcat nice 10:18
f13 and that the daily trails are fully automated, so that it doesn't depend on me at all 10:18
f13 alright, moving on. 10:22
f13 .rel 767 10:23
zodbot f13: #767 (Resign everything) - Fedora Release Engineering - Trac - 10:23
f13 this is the ticket for resigning stuff for the intrusion, we'll talk about that as it's own topic in a moment. 10:23
f13 .rel 832 10:23
zodbot f13: #832 (spam-o-matic uses provides rather than package name in some instances) - Fedora Release Engineering - Trac - 10:23
f13 notting: this may interest you. 10:24
f13 For a few days, there was a problem with some of the perl deps, and spam-o-matic was trying to mail <dep> rather than <package> 10:24
f13 I haven't looked at the code yet to see if I screwed up something when I started using foo-owner@ but we're obviously sending mail to the wrong place. 10:25
notting f13: yeah, on the todo list to look at... unfortunately, not sure when 10:26
f13 same here, but I can probably look at it today 10:26
f13 that's it for tickets of note. 10:27
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Releng - re-sign-o-rama 10:28
f13 I'm mostly done with re-signing the 8 gold and 9 gold content. 10:28
f13 the real fun is going to be mashing it out, and then putting it in the right place. 10:28
f13 If we just put in a new Everything/<arch>.newkey/ directory, and have mirrormanager start pointing at it, that'll solve most of the problems. 10:29
f13 people already installed will start getting the new content should they ever need it 10:29
f13 the downside of this is that it would break jigdo 10:29
f13 jigdo uses etc.. but also has Base-i386= 10:31
f13 the first would continue to work, (although we'd baloon up mirror space a bit since the content in 9/ would no longer be hardlinked to the content in Everything/), its the second that would fail. 10:32
f13 actually wait 10:32
f13 the second woudln't fail either. 10:32
f13 maybe this won't break jigdo at all, provided we keep the content around. 10:32
f13 now that I've typed my way through it, I think we'll be safe to just drop in <arch>.newkey directories in the Everything/ locations, and eventually scrub out the Everything/<arch>/ directories. 10:34
f13 if we leave the releases/ tree alone, jigdo will continue to work to produce isos that can be verified with the signed SHA1SUM file. 10:34
f13 although we will be re-signing the SHA1SUM file with our new key, just for completion. 10:35
f13 anybody else have any thoughts on the matter? 10:35
* wwoods doesn't see any obvious problems 10:38
f13 great! 10:40
f13 moving on. 10:40
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Releng - Snapshot 1 10:40
f13 We're on the hook to produce a snapshot this week. 10:40
f13 Ideally it'll be split CDs and DVDs for each arch, as well as a set of live images 10:41
f13 Primary distribution of the output will be bittorrent, although I'm also going to use to offer direct downloads that coudl be mirrored by mirrors, should they chose 10:41
f13 things aren't exactly looking so hot right now though for a snapshot 10:41
notting what's broken? (everything?) 10:43
f13 installer has various issues, continued issues. 10:44
f13 we haven't had a working anaconda since beta IIRC 10:44
f13 live images are also suffering something, may be related to the same things anaconda are suffering from 10:44
wwoods oh I dunno - right now the only issue I see is the hald bug 10:45
wwoods there's another problem with today's rawhide, but that's already fixed by clumens 10:45
f13 wwoods: right, every day we get some things fixed with updates.img, but then the next day something else breaks 10:45
f13 anyway, I'm just a little worried about having something that'll work by then. 10:48
f13 lots of other changes have been good in rawhide land, the desktop team have been going after polish issues, and I've scoured the blocker list to adjust it 10:49
f13 although my work on the list was ruined by attaching the fails to build from source tracker to it 10:49
wwoods heh. yeah, that one hurts 10:50
f13 I'm not 100% convinced that we'd block the release for those things. 10:51
f13 I think it should attach to Target instead 10:51
wwoods package building / updating is under rel-eng, if you ask me 10:52
wwoods so if you don't think we should block the release for that, feel free to move it 10:52
f13 k. I'll talk to mdomsch about it perhaps today 10:53
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora releng - open flooor 10:56
poelcat f13: i opened a ticket for drafting the F11 schedule 10:56
f13 alright, closing the meeting. 10:56
f13 poelcat: oh good 10:57
poelcat and assigned it to me 10:57
f13 ok, I gotta run and do some family stuff, thanks for the meeting folks. 10:58

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