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Fedora Release Engineering Meeting :: Monday 2009-01-05

IRC Transcript

f13 ping: notting jeremy lmacken warren wwoods rdieter poelcat 10:02
jeremy hi hi 10:02
* poelcat here 10:03
poelcat happy new year everyone! 10:03
rdieter halo 10:03
f13 happy leap second to you! 10:05
f13 we're missing a number of people. 10:05
ixs probably hit the leap second bug... 10:08
* notting is here, late. sorry about that 10:08
jeremy notting: twenty lashes with a wet noodle! ;-) 10:09
* lmacken partially here 10:10
jeremy so what does our agenda look like today? let's start the new year with trying to keep meetings on track and not running over their scheduled time :-) 10:10
f13 wow sorry I got pulled away for a momeht there 10:15
f13 geez 10:15
f13 we don't have much of an agenda today 10:15
f13 Alpha freeze is 2 weeks away, fudcon is this week 10:15
notting uggggh 10:15
f13 I need to send a warning about the soft freeze today, and we really should try to look at the broken dep list and upgrade path list and start fixing those 10:16
f13 and doing some pre-freeze install testing 10:16
f13 also we haven't had any spin requests come in yet, so not sure what spins are targetted for F11. Alpha will likly not include any spins 10:18
notting i think the spins group is still trying to get their process figured out 10:18
f13 wash rinse repeat, 2 releases later right? 10:18
poelcat notting: that is definitely the problem 10:20
f13 This week I'm also going to create a guest to get an install of mitr's signing server going 10:21
f13 hopefully luke and I can hack on it a bit before fudcon 10:21
notting i wonder if they/we are overcomplicating things, but until we actually have people actually responsible/accountable for the spins, i suppose a hard process is necessary 10:21
f13 notting: I fail to see how hard "treat it like a feature, only have releng do the final approval" is overcomplicated. 10:22
poelcat because nobody has been able to clearly lay out how the spins process works... when it is a "feature" and follows the established feature process and when it doesn't 10:24
poelcat this has been outstanding since we had the one phone call 10:24
f13 huh, I thought the only place it didn't follow the feature process is where it got final approval from 10:25
poelcat hopefully enough people will be at fudcon that we could iron it all out in an hour 10:25
poelcat f13: we've tried to figure this out on irc before and keep ending up here :) 10:26
f13 I guess I'm not sure where the hangup is. 10:26
poelcat my best take is everyone has a different understanding/assumption about the process, including me 10:26
f13 IMHO by the time it gets to you as a feature page, all that should be left is making sure all the fields are filled out just like any other feature, and getting it to releng for approval 10:26
poelcat and nobody has formally documented what the official spins process is 10:27
f13 what the spin sig does with the spin request prior to it being a feature page is whatever the hell they want. 10:27
f13 well, 10:30
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora releng - open floor 10:30
f13 any topics anybody else would like to touch on 10:30
f13 ? 10:30
notting what are we seeing for rawhide compose times recently? 10:31
* f13 looks 10:32
f13 whoh. 02 was quite fast 10:33
f13 0104 to 0249 10:33
f13 0104 to 0219 in the first 10:34
f13 0308 on the 3rd 10:35
f13 0329 on the 4th 10:35
notting so, even better. woo. 10:35
f13 0333 on the 5th 10:36
f13 so there is a pretty wide swing though 10:36
notting presumably due to backups 10:36
notting unless you were pushing updates 10:36
f13 I haven't compared say the 5th to the first to see which parts got longer/shorter 10:36
notting or... someone built openoffice/kernel on the 3/4/5 10:36
f13 I haven't pushed updates during a rawhide composetime in a while. 10:36
f13 but yes, we've gotten faster. 10:37
f13 wwoods: welcome to the party 10:41
wwoods howdy howdy - was in a meeting with manager 10:43
wwoods probably should move that meeting to 2pm 10:43
jeremy wwoods: we gave you all the work and were saying that we're done for nwo ;) 10:43
f13 wwoods: basically we're at 2 weeks from alpha freeze, and need to start thinking about current tree sanity for our alpha slush 10:43
wwoods woof. okay. what tools do we have for diffing releases? 10:44
f13 rpmdiff 10:44
f13 er 10:44
f13 repodiff 10:44
wwoods ha 10:44
jwb skvidal added niceties to that though 10:45
* nirik notes that he cleaned out the cvs queue yesterday, so todays rawhide had a bunch of new packages. 10:46
f13 wheee 10:46
wwoods I'll check into doing f11 v. rawhide repodiff 10:46
wwoods to identify areas that have obviously changed a lot 10:46
f13 f10 v. rawhide surely 10:46
wwoods or, rather, non-obviously 10:46
wwoods ha yes. wow. coffee, plz start working. 10:47
wwoods what are the *obvious* changes? Mono 2? Did I dream that? 10:47
f13 python 2.6 10:48
f13 that's what you're looking for 10:48
wwoods ah yes. the fog begins to clear. 10:48
wwoods was there anything else I was *actually* committed to, or was that just leg-pulling? 10:48
mether rdieter: yum install @kde-desktop is probably easier 10:49
mether sorry folks. wrong channel 10:49
rdieter mether: cool, I forgot about the new group syntax. 10:49
f13 wwoods: leg pulling 10:50
wwoods f13: 'kay 10:52
f13 anyway, I need to jet for a few minutes, we can continue talking in #fedora-devel 10:52

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