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Fedora Release Engineering Meeting :: Monday 2009-03-23

General Summary

Various subjects relative to the upcoming beta were discussed, including:

  • beta is closer but not yet complete
  • most remaining issues are due to the storage rewrite
  • QA:Fedora_11_Beta_Install_Test_Results could do with more completeness and reporting by more people.
  • requests for package inclusion have all been handled.
  • there will be a few more last minute packages to go in then get beta spun tested and out to mirrors.

IRC Transcript

--- Log opened Mon Mar 23 00:00:08 2009
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Release Engineering Meeting - Roll Call 13:06
f13 ping: notting jeremy jwb_ spot lmacken rdieter wwoods poelcat 13:06
* jwb_ is here for 24 min 13:06
rdieter here 13:06
* notting is here 13:07
* spot wonders why this meeting is an hour late 13:07
f13 spot: it isn't. This meeting doesn't change with DST 13:07
spot oh kay. 13:08
skvidal spot: probably safest to stop asking questions about time :) 13:08
jwb_ because of all those non-US rel-eng memebers 13:08
* dgilmore is here 13:09
f13 well I had thought the status quo was to not change meetings for DST 13:09
f13 at least for meetings in this room. 13:09
f13 anyway. 13:09
dgilmore f13: its supposed to be 13:09
dgilmore people forget that 13:09
f13 dgilmore: did you want to be a more active member of releng, and pinged at meeting starts? 13:09
dgilmore f13: yeah. im trying to take a more active roll 13:12
f13 sweet! 13:12
f13 dgilmore: you can start by being the note taker today (: 13:12
dgilmore f13: ok 13:13
f13 with that out of the way 13:13
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora releng - BETA BETA BETA BETHAHAUAUUGGUGLGLGLA 13:13
f13 ahem. 13:13
rdieter nuf said 13:14
f13 so beta is still not in the can. 13:14
f13 closer, ever closer. 13:14
dgilmore whats left? 13:14
f13 13:14
f13 mostly storage stuff. 13:14
dgilmore :) ok 13:16
f13 there is a high chance that tomorrow's rawhide is "it" 13:16
f13 I've got some split media being uploaded now for further install tests of different varieties 13:16
f13 QA:Fedora_11_Beta_Install_Test_Results doesn't look too terrible, although a little blank 13:18
f13 and devoid of any reporters besides jlaska and myself 13:18
notting should we go through and either tag or close out the remaining tag requests? 13:19
wwoods some of them can wait 'til post-beta, can't they? 13:20
rdieter unless it's a blocker, close 'em. 13:20
wwoods why close? won't they still need tagging after Beta? 13:21
f13 no they won't 13:21
f13 once beta is out rawhide unfreezes 13:21
wwoods oh huh. I thought we froze after Beta for some reason 13:21
f13 we don't freeze again until the final devel freeze 13:21
f13 all the compose stuff seems to be in order, so its just a matter of getting the golden package set, then spending a day making isos and shuffling them around for final verification and release to the mirrors 13:23
notting rdieter: well, we tagged some broken dep stuff even though they weren't blockers 13:23
f13 anywho, that's where we're at with beta. 13:26
f13 any questions? 13:26
notting other than as above, no 13:27
f13 notting: what outstanding tag requests exist? 13:27
notting here, let me trac that for you. :P 13:27
notting 1419 - gdal/grass 13:27
f13 that one isn't even built yet 13:28
notting 1403 - libcgroup (uncommenting default config makes system not boot) 13:28
f13 so hard to tag it. 13:28
notting 1420 - K-3D (fixes broken deps) 13:28
f13 is libcgroup even installed by default or available to install by default? 13:28
notting and 1421 - gnome-screensaver randomly dims and blanks the screen 13:29
f13 I'm for K-3D and gnome-screensaver 13:29
f13 see my question about libcgroup 13:29
notting yeah, well yum is slow. gimme a sec. 13:30
notting nope, not pulled in by anything. so it can wait 13:30
f13 k 13:30
notting will we tag gdal/grass if it's built? 13:31
f13 probably, we've been tagging things for broken deps 13:31
f13 as a courtesy to rawhide users 13:31
notting ok, gnome-screensaver-2.26.0-1.fc11 k3d- both tagged, if you want to sign them 13:31
f13 signs signs, everywhere there are signs 13:32
notting how blocker-y is the blocker list. are there any there we won't slip for? 13:34
f13 btrfs is iffy 13:34
f13 but that's already fixed I think. 13:34
f13 ppc ide disks is also iffy, that should just be ppc minis or other older macs 13:34
f13 the rest seem pretty blockery to me 13:35
* notting tosses another LVM error on the list :/ 13:36
f13 oof. 13:36
f13 our world was so much better before lvm 13:37
f13 anything else? The floor is open 13:39
* wwoods mumbles, starts updating 13:39
f13 Looks like no, time to call the meeting and get back on our heads. 13:42
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Channel is used by various Fedora groups and committees for their regular meetings | Note that meetings often get logged | For questions about using Fedora please ask in #fedora | See for meeting schedule 13:42
f13 thanks all 13:42

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