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Ongoing prioritization for release tools work from Matt Miller via bi-weekly sync.

Fedora priorities:


  • Having conversations with OpenShift team about deploying an OpenShift instance in the Fedora space & having more participation
    • Amanda and Adam will start thinking about how best to leverage OpenShift experts in our space - possibly collaborating on OSBS first


  • Strategy for next year
    • Fedora Hub (modernizing Fedora's internet presence)
    • Replace base cloud image as Atomic as a primary variant (server, workstation, atomic); cloud image doesn't go away but Atomic becomes front and center
    • Layered image enablement and community (possibly extending layered images to non-rpm content)
    • How modularization could help Fedora
    • User growth
      • Server
      • Workstation - increasing the reported Fedora usage as reported by devs on StackOverflow
      • Atomic
  • Update on automation related planning activities
    • Automated testing
    • Automated release tooling
    • Atomic repo management improvements
  • Do we want to generate any pre-GA F24 images for the purposes of early testing (ie a parallel set at Beta and/or Alpha)


  • How do we coordinate all of the offers for help and gaps in coverage for Atomic testing?
    • Amanda will consolidate the list so that we can review as a group
    • (Make sure we include getting test plans for Atomic changes so that community members can contribute to manual testing)
  • What kind of priority does this actually carry? It was listed as urgent 19 months ago :/
  • Also consider adding the ability to build embargoed builds in koji (today everything is public) and lift the embargo after release (this is a lower priority for security than the urgent updates request b/c it happens infrequently)
    • start working our way through the chain starting with koji, then bodhi; would need to assess any other tools this might hit
    • Eric Christiansen (sparks on irc)


  • Will need to discuss what we want to do for signing long term (after we get our immediate high priority items resolved)
  • Need to talk to Kushal about creating an assignee at the test level for bugyou so that depending on the test that fails we get it to the right team for resolution
    • would also need to know where each report should be filed (which may include having teams set up a BZ queue)
  • Consider posting about priorities on the Fedora Blog?
  • Collecting feedback from stakeholders on changes
    • reaching out to direct individuals first, followed by the mail to dev list when submitted for review should be sufficent
  • Moving demos to once a month


  • Any high priority BZs or Trac issues we need to be aware of?
    • We should get to this eventually as a team
    • Replace a grooming meeting once a month with a BZ/Trac issue grooming
  • Updates to priority list -
  • Updates on developing priorities
    • Potential future priority: everything needed to build RHEL is its own toolset and shipped on its own lifecycle
  • Sigul support


  • Cloud images produced in a format that is basically qcow3 but it's still called qcow2
    • This breaks openstack
    • imcleod is working on a patch for koji
    • needs to get applied ASAP
    • this has to be done for images that will be part of the F23 release
  • Potential future priority: everything needed to build RHEL is its own toolset and shipped on its own lifecycle
  • Public notes
    • Suggest that we use either wiki or google doc (but people aren't going to like that)
  • Sigul support
    • Need to make a case and an explicit request to Denise if we need resources
    • Will make the sigul task assessing and formulating this