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Ongoing prioritization for release tools work from Tim Flink via monthly meeting.

Fedora priorities: Taskotron roadmap:

Invitees: Tim Flink


  • Will need to file another RFE to test AMIs in Taskotron


  • Prep for initial F25 Planning call today
  • Prep for QE call
  • Amanda will be travelling with limited response starting Wednesday afternoon, returning 29FEB16


  • Tim will do a workshop at DevConf using ADEPT (from Docker test automation upstream)
  • Need to get a prioritized list of frameworks for Taskotron to integrate with for Docker & Atomic automation in F25
  • Tim will be out next meeting, will reschedule for the following week



  • Taskotron update
    • Phabricator entries for RFEs
    • Use cases going forward for releng / release tools
    • How to get release tools contributions to Taskotron for these requests


  • Taskotron
    • Links of interest from Tim
    • Requirements from release tools
      • support for cloud images (boot cloud images to use as a test target)
        • in backlog, not in current release
      • support for vagrant (virtual box & libvirt)
        • AI: need an RFE filed for this, virtual box and libvirt can't coexist on the same hardware so this may be a challenge for us to design around (does this need hardware)
      • tests written in python (does this really mean 'will tunir run in taskotron'?)
        • AI: need an RFE filed for this, if this is about Tunir, both sides may need to make adjustments to accommodate that
        • Taskotron already has some support for python tests but Tim thinks that Tunir needs something a bit more complicated
      • non-gating test feature
        • AI: need an RFE filed for this, though this may not be a good fit for Taskotron and should rather be associated with the test itself
      • cluster testing for Atomic Host
        • Talk to Colin about filing an RFE for this in Phabricator - it may be a driver for integrating with Beaker
      • Add priority ordering to these requests once they're filed


  • Review priority list
  • Taskotron overview & what you need from releng
    • current in flight release is a big change so wait for this to be live before we look at using it
    • should be in production before F24 freeze
  • Get manual bits out of the compose process (primarily around tickets)
    • App tracks status of blocker bugs - it can say 'these are the updates that need to be pulled in'
    • Tim wrote part of a tool that will download all koji builds that are currently not stable and would fix blockers
    • Request filing is part of the blocker bugs app; the rest is a script that Tim has locally
  • Custom cloud images created in taskotron
    • just a conversation with the team about whether or not they should be stored centrally for any purpose
  • RHEL process checks
    • QE is also talking about this and is looking into reworking part of this flow / tools but there is a general goal to align with RHEL's TPS a bit better
    • rpmgrill task is in progress - tool for inspecting builds (logs, etc from koji)
  • duplication of tools
    • depcheck for instance - we have this in QE & Releng but they do slightly different things