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Two Week process enhancements

Today there is no good way to follow just the stable two week Atomic Host, as the ostree is updated every stable updates push


The scope of the changes is to make minor adjustments to the process not a wholesale rewrite

osrepo changes

The limit of the changes on the ostree side of the process is to keep track of the commits used in the stable two week push, we would then tag that commit with a stable ref at compose push live time the ref would be something like fedora-atomic/24/x86_64/stable-docker-host and would be signed we would still pull from the repo created by bodhi.

image changes

We need to ensure that the images build are set to follow the ref we tag as stable, it should be a matter of making a ostree call in the kickstart to change the ref.

installer changes

We need to make sure that the ref followed is the stable ref on the installed system (lorax template change needed)