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Fedora 19 Release Party - Taipei City, Taiwan

When and Where

Organizers / Team


  • Fedora Project introduction and F19 features - Cheng-Chia Tseng
  • Game and Openshift - Freedomknight
  • Security Management talk - ChiaSheng Shen
  • How to create a F19 live USB - ifung Huang
  • GNOME Fresh Things - WM Chang
  • FirewallD tips - Denny Huang
  • Light talks
  • Open discussion


Requirements (Budget/DVD etc.)

Detailed Cost Breakup

The location is booked as in GozCafe. The site renting is around 4500TWD (about 150.61USD) for 30 persons, and 3000TWD (about 100.41USD) for 20 persons. However, the fee is just a approximated amount but not fixed. It depends on how many people and how much the food or drink they will provide. We decided to rent the area which could hold 20 persons.

Zerng07 will go to GozCafe in Taipei from Taichung. Zerng07 will take Taiwan High Speed Railway to get to Taipei Main Station. The transportation fee is 665TWD (the least expensive seat level) for each way, so it is 1300TWD (about 44.52USD) in total. As to the rest of the fee to take Metro from Taipei Main Station to GozCafe, I will pay it myself.

The Budget Table

  • site renting fee for 20-persons-area:
   3000TWD (about 100.41USD) at least 
  • the transportation fee for event organizer, zergng07, to go from Taichung HSR station to Taipei Main Station (go-to and go-back):
   1300TWD (about 44.52USD)
  • total
   4300TWD (about 143.92USD) at least


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