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Date and Location

  • Jan 05, 2014
  • 14:30 - 17:30 (Taipei time, GMT+8)
  • Taipei City
  • GozCafe


Fedora 20 was released on December 17, 2013. It contained many latest stable version of development results from free and open source community at the time.

Fedora ambassadors, Cheng-Chia Tseng (Zerng07) and Freedomknight, organized this release party and held it at GozCafe in Taipei. WM Chang brought a Intel NUC as a demo box and presenting platform for presenters.


At first, Freedomknight, the ambassador who wear a f19 T-shirt, introduced the release party and started the event.

Fedora Project introduction and F20 features

Then, ambassador Cheng-Chia Tseng started to introduce Fedora's history, core spirits, new features of F20, and talked about some highlights in the GNOME 3.10. Plus, he also shared some resources and communication ways for Taiwan Fedora community. Fedora Join SIG is also introduced to help those people who want to contribute to fedora project find their way.

Cheng-Chia Tseng later demoed some GNOME 3.10 features with the Intel NUC box.

The slides can be retrieved via File:Fedora 20 Release Party.odp

Traditional Chinese Communities Review

Wei-Lun Chao (bluebat) presented the history of Traditional Chinese Communities in Taiwan. Many old sites (community sites) has been discontinued or disappeared while some new sites are still in shape and working in progress.

The slides can be retrieved via File:Traditional Chinese Communities Review 2014.pdf

ColorHug and Color management

Cheng-Chia Tseng presented ColorHug usage and the basic knowledge behind color management, later demoed the comparison between before and after calibration.

The slides can be retrieved via File:ColorHug 與色彩管理.odp

fish and Docker

Carl Su introduced fish - a smart and user-friendly command line shell, and demoed the usage. The official site of fish:

Later, Carl Su presented docker - a lightweight container to pack, ship and run any application, and demoed the usage with firefox running as a docker app. The official site of docker:

Brackets and in shape

WM Chang showed some more fish tips. Then WM introduced some web technologies and Brackets which is supported by Adobe. is a fedora community support site for Traditional Chinese users in Taiwan. WM Chang had been building the site and asked for thoughts about it.

Light talks

  • bluebat shared the way how to join translation project. Link:
  • Carl Su talked more on Docker to answer bluebat's questions.
  • Freedomknight talked about php composor.
  • Cheng-Chia Tseng talked about some Chinese open font difficulties and future chances.

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