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= Fedora 30 Release Party dvt =

What is Fedora 30 Release Party

This will be a social event to celebrate the release of Fedora 30!


  • 15.5.2019 (new date!)
  • 18.00 -20.00 (GMT+2)
  • This event is a closed one, only avalable for co-workers, sorry!


  • A couple of presentations
  • Socializing with other Fedora users in our department.
  • Installation media (CD/USB) should be available to those that would like to get Fedora or upgrade to Fedora 30.
  • Q & A Session
  • A lot of fun :)


Expecting ~5-10 people.

Event Owners

Event Schedule

Topic Speaker Time Requirements
Introduction to Fedora Fedora 18:00-18:10 -
What's new in Fedora 30 Fedora 18:10-18:20 -
Contributing Fedora 18:20-18:30 -
Getting help Fedora 18:30-18:40 -
Snack & Drink Time Fedora 18:40-19.00 -
Install Fedora Fedora 19:00-20.00 -

Event Report

Event took place and was a success. 10 coworkers came to eat, drink, discuss about Fedora.

Event Presentation

We had a great time with fedora, snacks, cakes and some drinks (non-alcoholic, mostly)

Some attendants:

As usual: Good bait catches mice:

Random images:

Event Preparation


If you have any question, suggestion or comment, you can contact us through our social networks or please send an email to: [1], we will come back to you as soon as possible.