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This is a Marketing SOP that describes how to create release bookmarks, which are the set of Firefox bookmarks included by default in a new release. This is done by creating and maintaining the fedora-bookmarks package once per release, before the Beta freze.


You can see examples of past release bookmarks at Features/Bookmarks, or directly in the package database entry for fedora-bookmarks.

Technical guidelines

  1. Grab the most recent version of the fedora-bookmarks package, which is your starting point.
    1. Extract the default-bookmarks.html file from that package, and copy it to /usr/share/bookmarks
  2. Backup your ~/.mozilla
    1. cp -r ~/.mozilla ~/dot-mozilla
    2. rm -r ~/.mozilla
  3. Load up Firefox and edit the bookmarks as you like.
  4. Bookmarks->Organize Bookmarks->Import & Backup->Export HTML
  5. Save the file.
  6. To make Red Hat Legal happy, remove any ICON="..." occurrences in the file. Do this with your favorite text editor.
  7. Load the file in Firefox just to sanity check.
  8. Restore your previous ~/.mozilla
    1. rm -r ~/.mozilla
    2. mv ~/dot-mozilla ~/.mozilla
  9. Overwrite default-bookmarks.html in the package directory.
  10. Bump the spec file and add a changelog entry.
  11. commit, tag, build.
  12. Inform the Package-x-generic-16.pngfirefox maintainers they need to rebuild Firefox as well.

Aesthetic guidelines

This section needs to be written.
If you have notes on how to make the bookmark (html) file more readable, please add them here; if you have notes on how to arrange the bookmarks themselves so they show up in Firefox in an aesthetically pleasing manner, please add those notes here as well.

Improve this SOP!

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