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Fedora 9 Test 2 Release Notes

This is the time for all developers, maintainers and testers to contribute to the Release Notes. See for details.

This document is a highly abridged version of the release notes used during the test1 and test2 phases of development. The full complement of release notes follow during the test3 phase, according to developer and community participation in the release notes process .

Welcome to Fedora 9 Test 2

Fedora is a set of projects sponsored by Red Hat and guided by the contributors. These projects are developed by a large community of people who strive to provide and maintain the very best in free, open source software and standards. The central Fedora project is an operating system and platform based on Linux that is always free for anyone to use, modify, and distribute, now and forever.

You can help the Fedora Project community continue to improve Fedora if you file bug reports and enhancement requests. Refer to this page for more information. Thank you for your participation.

To find out more general information about Fedora, refer to the following Web pages: