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Fedora 9 Test 3 Announcement

Below is the release notes announcement draft, in ASCII as it will appear on fedora-announce-list:

Fedora 9 Test 3 Release Notes

An abridged, "one-sheet" version of the Release Notes for Fedora 9 test 3 (8.92) is now available at the following URL:

For test1 and test2 releases, the Fedora Documentation Project does not release complete sets of release notes.  A full set of release notes is released with test3, including a robust set of localizations provided by volunteer translators.  This schedule allows us to make efficient use of volunteer resources for writing, editing, and translating content.

The release notes process requires participation from documenters, developers, and other interested community members throughout the test release cycles.  To find out more about how you can help, refer to

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