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Make Fedora easily customizable

  • Last modified: [[Date(2007-01-03T19:56:12Z)]
  • Owners: BillNottingham
  • Targeted release: ???

Current status


Make some sort of system that allows for easy customization of Fedora defaults without changing the package set.

Usage cases/rationale

As we move towards allowing anyone to spin their own version of Fedora, and produce such spins ourselves , we need a way to customize aspects of those distributions in ways beyond the package set in the comps file.


Requires changing various system-level tools. Could involve changes to chkconfig, anaconda, and others.

Test Plan

Define customization sets, and use them in Fedora Desktop and friends.



What we want to support, at a minimum:

  1. changing the default set of services to start

What we may want to support:

  1. changing the default artwork/theme
  2. changing the default sysctl settings
  3. changing the default runlevel
  4. ... more?