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Fedora KDE spin

  • Last modified: [[Date(2007-03-28T21:53:00Z)]
  • Owners: RexDieter, ChitleshGoorah, KDE SIG
  • Targeted release: Fedora 7

Current status


We need a KDE release of Fedora 7.

Usage cases/rationale

Hermione is a desktop administrator who wants to install Fedora, using KDE on the 30 desktops he admins for his company.

Karl wants to install a KDE desktop for his home machine without downloading the GNOME packages but cannot do a network installation.


Requires determining a package set, generating a distribution profile, and doing testing.

Test Plan

Test installs of Fedora KDE, as well as the default apps in the way that we would test any Fedora release.



  • Create a livecd that is installable

kde* package splitting

The idea here, in general, is to push non-default, overlapping, or less-desirable items into -extras rpms (or rarely, omit altogether), so that the default kde install includes only the best parts. Here's the brainstorm from FUDCon:

  • kdebase-extras: ktip, kpersonalizer (aseigo is willing to write a custom version for us if we can provide detailed specs soon), kpager (standalone), kappfinder
  • kdegraphics-extras: kiconedit, kpovmodeler, kviewshell (or use poppler 0.7 branch), kghostview (used mainly for print-preview, switch to using kpdf instead), kview/kuickshow, kdvi, kfax/kfaxvifew
  • kdemultimedia-extras: kaboodle, noatun, juk
  • Done: split spec file - kdenetwork-extras: ksirc, ktalkd, wifi, kpf
  • Done: split spec file - kdeutils-extras: kcalc (speedcrunch), kmilo, ksim

Package set (outside of the usual kde* set)

Package list is pretty much stable now.

Default settings

  • Print preview: make pdf output the default, and use kpdf for print preview, see
  • kontact(kdepim): don't include all plugins by default, only kmail, akregator/feeds, calendar, contacts, mail.
  • konq: sidebar customizations, Java/JavaScript enabled, previews & metadata sane, appearance, toolbar (simplify, if possible), performance (preloading?), web vs. fileviewer/homedir profiles.
  • amarok: configure default location for music (see xdg-user-dirs), load total collection by default
  • kpersonalizer replacement? What exactly do we want? kmail, kwallet? Aaron could write one for us.
  • akregator(kdenetwork): common feeds setup by default
  • xdg-user-dirs integration.


Look-n-feel issues.